The Highway 36A Coalition consists of local governments, elected officials, private businesses, and individuals working together for the responsible development of a regional transportation infrastructure from the Brazosport area to Hempstead and beyond that improves evacuation routes, facilitates domestic and international trade, enhances economic opportunity and provides more efficient mobility.

Organized as a 501(c)4 nonprofit, we seek to inform the public, businesses and civic leaders, policymakers, and elected officials of the transportation challenges facing our region and how development of the 36A trade and transportation corridor can help meet those challenges. We do this through quarterly meetings to educate the public, specific petitions to elected officials and transportation agencies, and education of legislators regarding the importance of sound infrastructure development.

Among the many benefits of the development of this trade and transportation corridor will be:

  • Improved hurricane evacuation routes
  • Safer and more efficient mobility
  • Encouraging domestic and international trade by linking Port Freeport to key inland ports in Dallas/Fort Worth and beyond
  • Enhanced economic opportunity (one study forecasts tens of thousands of new jobs created)
  • Reduced congestion and improved air quality